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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Banta Family Update

Wow! It has been a long time since I have updated our blog, so I will try to sum up our life changes....I am currently 5 months pregnant with a baby boy. We are thinking of the name Rigdon, but haven't made any final decisions yet. The pregnancy is going good and I am getting quite the belly.

Ainslee is busy as ever, living up life as an only child while she can. She loves preschool and can't wait to start kindergarten next year. She still loves dance, but wants to take a cheerleading class next year. She has so much natural talent, but gets bored in ballet. She is also involved in a theater class that will be performing The Wizard of Oz in May. They get their part assignments after the Christmas break. She is all drama and shines in this class. She is eagerly waiting the birth of her baby brother, but has no idea how much he is going to "ROCK" her world! It will be a big adjustment for her, but a much needed one.

Jacy is busy living his dream as a lineman. He loves the job, but doesn't enjoy the commute to SLC. He is also eagerly waiting for the birth of his baby BOY, but is secretly trying to figure out how he is going to fit in all of his wakeboarding time with a new baby! I am sure his boating time won't suffer too much.

We currently have our house listed for sale, but don't know for sure if we want to sell it. We originally put it up for sale so we could get something bigger to accomidate another child. Pretty sad that we have outgrown our house already. The truth of it is that we just have too many toys! Not only is it a pain in the butt to clean the house on the spur of the moment everytime someone wants to come look at it, but we aren't quite sure if we really want that bigger house payment that goes along with a bigger house. We haven't found anything we just have to have, so as of now, we will probably end up down grading on some toys and turning the playroom into a baby boy's room.

Well, sad enough, that is all that has changed in our lives since my last post. Hopefully, I can keep our blog updated more often now that we are welcoming a new addition to the family. We love and miss everyone and hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Congratulations on your baby boy! I know how long you have wanted this and I am so excited for you! Sara Arrington


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